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Emma Jones

Emma Jones

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Emma Jones has been an entertainment and style writer for the past three years.


As an obsessive celebrity writer, Emma has written extensively for lifestyle and entertainment outlets, including MTV.com, Total Beauty Media, The Fashion Spot and MSN Entertainment. Not only can she tell you about the latest red carpet looks (and how to get them for a fraction of the price), but she'll also dish on what happened at the after-party.

You can connect with Emma and check out more of her work through her website.


Emma holds an LLB from Cardiff University. It was there she discovered that fashion and entertainment was much more interesting than law.

By Emma Jones:

I don't just follow the latest celebrity trends, I live and practice them, for better or for worse. Chunky Spice Girl platform shoes? Yep, guilty as charged. Fortunately, I've now learnt from those mistakes, leaving me confident in sharing all I know about stars and their style. And here's my first juicy tidbit: You don't have to pay A-lister prices to dress like one!

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