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New York Fall Fashion Week 2011: The Stars Align


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The Row Spring 2012 Collection
New York Fall Fashion Week 2011: The Stars Align

From top: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; looks from The Row's Spring 2012 collection.

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Sure, their first clothing line was aimed at tweens and sold exclusively at discount retailer Wal-Mart, but pint-size designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way in gaining fashion cred in the decade since. Since 2007, the twins have been the face and force behind The Row, a high-end line that has garnered a celeb following (Michelle Obama has worn their designs), not to mention the much-discussed $39,000 crocodile backpack.

No surprise, then, that reactions to their Spring 2012 collection, shown at New York Fashion Week, was mostly positive, prompting the New York Times to enthusiastically declare, "The predominantly all-white collection was almost Zen-like in its restraint (among the few accessories was a strand of oversize prayer beads), but moments of breathtaking embellishment ... sent the spirits soaring."

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