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Want to copy the hippest Hollywood hair? Wondering how your favorite celebrity gets red carpet ready? Browse through our hair and beauty archives to get the scoop on what A-listers love and leave on a daily basis.

The Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts of 2014
Heat styling, coloring, excessive product can all wreak havoc on your tresses, but thankfully these celebs are proving why the pixie is the one cut to cure all.

Taste the Rainbow: The Avant-Garde Lip Color Trend
Forget fifty shades of red (or pink, brown and orange for that matter) because unconventional lipsticks are all the rage as we look at some of the boldest color choices to grace those Hollywood smiles.

The Best Celebrity Beauty Tips
Their long hours sat in a makeup artist’s chair means celebrities are privvy to all kinds of beauty tricks, which thankfully, they’re more than happy to share with the unwashed masses.

Quotes: Confessions of a Celebrity Botox User
Find out which celebrity faces have indulged in a little cosmetic enhancement to keep wrinkles at bay and fine lines on the down-low...

Lorde’s MAC Collection and Makeup Secrets
New Zealand singer Lorde is making waves with her signature makeup, which you can find out how to replicate here as we celebrate her new collaberation with MAC...

Quick Tip: Flawless Fix Lips
Fading and teeth transfer? Here are some quick fixes for lipstick dilemmas...

Celebrity Hair Trend: Grey is the New Black
Forget growing old gracefully, when it comes to hair color these celebs are growing old stylishly by embracing grey as the new black...

The Bald and the Beautiful
It seems these days there are more valiant women happy to shave their locks and, whether it's for a movie role or simply for the hell of it, here are just some of the bald and beautiful celebrities rocking the chop…

Make Your Own Salt Spray For Sexy Sunkissed Hair
Raid your kitchen cupboard for beach curls on a budget...

How to get Julia Roberts’ Easy Up-Do
Celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan shows us how to re-create Julia Roberts' unfussy hairstyle.

The Mrs. Carter Show Costume Sketches
Secrets from "The Mrs. Carter Show" tour as deisgners unveil Beyoncé's glamorous stage costumes...

Kirsten Dunst Divulges Hair and Beauty Secrets
Kirsten Dunst dishes on her hair and beauty secrets so we too can get her platinum blonde glow.

Gwen Stefani Gets Her Own OPI Nail Polish Collection
Looking to add a little punk chaos to their lineup, OPI releases a new nail polish collection in collaberation with No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.

The Hottest Nail Art Coming to 2014
Celebs generally set the flavor du jour in the beauty department and so we're looking through the lens of social media to predict the hot new nail art of the coming year...

An Evening of Salsa and ImPRESS Nails with Cheryl Burke
Dancing with the Stars Professional, Cheryl Burke, teams with Broadway Nails for her new series of imPRESS Nail Designer Kits.

Barefaced Tweets
It's rare that we get to see celebs without a full face, but when we do, man is it a glorious thing! Check out these twitpics to see all your favorite stars flaunting an au naturel face.

Ombre Hair: The Bad and the Beautiful
Of those who opt to take the color plunge, some come out victorious while others, well, just see for yourself as we present the good, the bad and the questionable ombre styles of Hollywood's leading ladies.

Rockability Hair
From musical songstresses like Alicia Keys to The King of Rock himself, we take a look at the best and worst rock inspired celebrity hairstyles.

They're so Vain: Hollywood's Metrosexual Men
Call them metrosexuals if you will, but there are some Hollywood dudes who primp and preen their famous faces beyond mansome...

Celebrity Side-Swept Hair
All it takes to transform your locks from drab to fab is a new position! Follow the glamorous trend that is side-swept hair with these six A-list approve styles...

Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facial: Fad or Rad?
Kim Kardashian champions the Vampire Facial on an episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami." Would you try the bloodthirsty trend?

Nicki Minaj's Endless Wig Parade
Outrageous, colorful and never alike, we're looking back on some of Nicki Minaj's most eccentric wigs, many of which have had shorter careers than most "American Idol" finalists...

Red Hot Redheads
Maybe blondes have more fun, but sassy redheads get all the attention as their minroity hair color carves a reputation as being fiery, frisky and fiersome.

How to Twist a Celebrity Top Knot
Whether you maintain a sleek shape or opt for messy tresses, the versatility of a top knot means it can seamlessly move from red carpet couture to vacuuming your carpet at home. But how do we achieve these stylish staples?

Get the Look: Cheryl Cole's Infrared Eyes
We all love red lipstick, but would you dare wear red eye shadow? Cheryl Cole pulls off infrared eyes with ease and so can you with this makeup tutorial.

Celebrity Bangs for Every Face
Going for the chop can be a daring move, but check out these celebs for inspiration on how to pull off some bangin' bangs for every shape face.

Hollywood's New Crop: Short Hairstyles of the Stars
Most actresses are known for their impossibly long, shiny locks. But these stars proudly sport refreshingly short and sexy hair.

Carly Rae Jepsen's Makeup Breakdown
Celebrity makeup artist Desirae Cherman reveals exactly how she gave Carly Rae Jepsen her glowing look at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Get the Look: Katy Perry's 3D Flower Power Nails
Katy Perry's nails are in full bloom for the music video of her latest song, "Wide Awake." Want to nail the same look at home? Follow this tutorial on how to get bloomin' marvellous nails.

Jennifer Aniston's Hair and Beauty Secrets
Sometimes looking beautiful is as simple as a quick trim and $2 product as Jennifr Aniston tells us...

Super Short and Super Cute Celebrity Hair of 2013
Taking fashion cues from the stylish celebs that have taken it all off -- their hair that is -- here's some inspiration for your brave endeavour towards the chop...

How to Wear a Chic Ponytail
The ponytail used to be just for the gym, but now it's making the rounds from the red carpet to the hottest celebrity parties! Wanna know how to get it just right? Check out these simple tips.

A Star-Studded Blow-Dry
There is one thing every star has -- perfect hair! But don't worry, they're not born with it! So we went to Bumble and Bumble stylist Sarah Rappolt to get the tricks of a celeb-perfect blow-dry in just a couple of steps. Easy breezy hair for the perfectionist in all of us!

Celebs Pick: My Favorite Beauty Product
Maybelline or mineral salts from the Dead Sea? The checkout counter or the cosmetic counter? Whether they go high or low, these 10 stars reveal that one beauty product they can't live without.

Emma Watson Is Confused About How Much Makeup She Wears
In an interview with Britain's Hello! magazine, Emma Watson gave what has become the standard celeb answer to any beauty-related question: "I truly, truly believe that beauty is something that comes from within," she said. "You can only really look beautiful if you feel beautiful on the inside." Blah, blah. But what's interesting is when she started to talking about beauty products.

Jason Alexander Gets New Hair; Nicole Richie Gets New Boobs
Welcome to celebrity transformations, cosmetics edition! Jason Alexander, baldie extraordinaire of Seinfeld fame, debuted a new head of not-quite-lustrous-but-still-fuller hair at the C.S.A. Artios Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday.

Best Red Carpet Hair
Sometimes hair gets upstaged by the glamorous gowns and sparkling jewels on the red carpet, but not here. We love the fun updos, sassy ponytails and glam waves. Check out our gallery of some of our favorite stars and their fabulous 'dos!

Love It or Hate It Oscar Hair
Loved the dresses but hated the hair? Loved the hair but hated the dresses? Here's your chance to sound off on your favorite hair 'dos on this years Oscar red carpet! Take our Love It or Hate It Poll!

Simple Red Carpet Hair
Red carpet style doesn't necessarily mean pulled-back, formal, uptight hairdos. Some stars opt for hair that's loose, relaxed and even flowing. The truth is that the right 'do is just as important as picking the right gown. Check out our tressed-for-success stars here!

Evan Rachel Wood: Hair No More
Move over, Emma Watson, there's a new haircut in town. Evan Rachel Wood debuted her own version of a pixie this week at the season 4 premiere of True Blood in Hollywood. Her '80s-inspired 'do (achieved with a liberal amount of hard wax) filtered down to her clothes too; Wood went full-on androgynous with a tight vest, trousers and bright red suspenders. The actress--who revealed her bisexuality to Esquire in April--is no stranger to hair makeovers, having worked red, blonde and brunette shades all in the past year alone.

Get the Look: Easy, Breezy Side Braids
It's the trend that won't end: braids. And why not? Braids are the ultimate in easy, breezy hairstyles. Just ask these celebs, who have dazzled on the red carpet lately sporting stunning side braids. Want to emulate their look? Read on to learn how you, too, can be a master of the romantic style.

Scarlett Debuts Scarlet 'Do

Kate Middleton Making Up Own Face for Wedding

Vanessa Hudgens: 'I Feel Like a Soccer Mom'
The newest star to chop off her locks for a role: Vanessa Hudgens, who, unlike Dakota Fanning, decided to forgo a wig for the real deal. "Oh man, it's really intense. I'm still getting used to it," Hudgens said on today's Hollywood Access Live.

Pink Hates New Haircut and Fans Who Also Hate Her New Haircut

Katherine Heigl Is the Latest Star to Chop Her Locks

Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone Coming to a Drugstore Near You
Between the two of them, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone have starred in a whopping five big-budget movies this summer alone. They've been all over the red carpet lately, promoting those films and attending other events. And now Revlon has signed the two big-screen beauties as its newest global ambassadors. In other words: Get ready for even more Stone and Wilde.

Emma Stone: Better Off Blonde?

Kate Bosworth: Blonde and Blue and Bright All Over
Kate Bosworth is a startlet whose style is often described as effortless, cool, laid-back, subtlely clever, etc. But her new teal-tipped 'do, which she debuted while rocking(?) out at a Coldplay show, is positively bold, striking, flashy, snazzy, etc. So what gives?

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