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Makeup Secrets From The Sex And The City Set


You may have heard -- there's a little movie called Sex and the City coming out this week. Now you can get that sexy in the city look with these tips and tricks straight from the ladies who gave Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall their gorgeous glow in the movie! Judy Chin and Kyra Panchenko share their behind the scenes make-up mysteries right here and even tell you what they used (MAC -- it's so simple!) to give these amazing stars their forget-me-not faces.

Sarah Jessica: A Natural Look

Photo © James Devaney/WireImage.com
Although Sarah Jessica had many looks in the film, Judy had one goal. "One thing that I always wanted to be present for her was a natural beauty that didn't look like make-up," Judy said. In order to accomplish this look, Judy kept her look soft with a healthy rosy flush to her cheeks and clean natural skin, moving away from the matte look.

How To Achieve This Look

Photo © Bobby Bank/WireImage.com
There's no getting around it -- even with a natural look, you need to sport make-up! On Sarah Jessica's natural look, Judy used a cream blush that she could layer and blend more easily. "I used a light-weight foundation that gave me a light dewy finish and incorporated that with using concealer only when and where I needed it," said Judy. The end result, something that looks both realistic and good on film. And that we, as an audience, believe our heroine Carrie Bradshaw would actually approve of!

Kim Cattrall: California Dreaming

Photo © Bobby Bank/WireImage.com
As part of the movie, Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha Jones, has moved out to Los Angeles. Kyra Panchenko wanted to incorporate this into Kim's look. In order to achieve this, Kyra kept the blond Kim tanned and bronzed throughout the movie.

What Kyra Used

Photo © James Devaney/WireImage.com
In order for Kim to go from bronzed California babe everyday back to her normal coloring, Kyra introduced her to gentle MAC wipes to remove all her body make-up. And to keep her make-up from getting runny in any of the hotter scenes, Kyra used Blot Powder in Medium, which lifts and disperses oils while leaving a sheer velvety finish. Perfect for our favorite femme fatale.
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