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Style Spotlight: Leighton Meester


Style Spotlight: Leighton Meester
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You know you love her. I know I love her and I know almost every socialite-in-training is obsessed with her. Yes, Leighton Meester is officially one of the best-dressed, best-looking and best actresses in Hollywood. She rose to fame, on both the silver and big screen, starting out with brief stints on "Law & Order," "Entourage" and "24." But all this is neither here nor there when compared to her most recognizable role as the Queen B, Blair Waldorf, on the CW’s Gossip Girl.

Living up to the character based on the highly addictive novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar, Leighton officially charmed her way into the hearts of idealistic, sophisticated teens and adults who felt empathy for the uber-rich Blair. With thanks to the show’s skilled stylist, Eric Daman, Blair's never-ending wardrobe, her evolving style and inordinate array of headbands were the talking point of every watercooler moment. Sadly, the series has now ended, however, Leighton still retains that impeccable fashion taste, grooming and Upper East Side attitude. The cameras may have stopped rolling, but this is only the beginning for the screen starlet and her rise on the fashion scene.

Red Carpet Style:

Describing the Gossip Girl’s star red carpet style is impossible without giving credit to her alter ego, Blair Waldorf, who prepared Leighton to become a trendsetter on the red carpet and moved her status from style-icon-in-training to bonafide style fixture. Her evolution from schoolgirl jeweled-headbands (which she popularly made famous again) to custom designed gowns, made her the ideal young celebrity to don the creations of sought after fashion designer like Vera Wang, Mui Mui and Louis Vuitton to name a few. From a white ruffle Dior dress to a sleek black cutout Michael Kors gown she wore at her "Roommate" movie premiere, her penchant for nailing fashion trends with ease made her all the more desirable to her fans and highlighted her ability to try on different looks, which of course, we’re sure would be approved by Blair and our budgets alike.

Street Style:

The great thing about Leighton is that even when she isn’t in front of a camera or attending a special red carpet event, her style still looks effortlessly perfect, which usually prompts feelings of envy and jealously from admirers – albeit the frenemy type of jealously that is completely healthy. Those lucky enough to reside in the Big Apple got a firsthand street style lesson from Leighton (or is it Blair?) who was often seen on the streets of New York City wearing anything from feminine floral dresses, to Mary Jane pumps, to her many colorful coats that would even make Kate Middleton swoon. And how can you forget the tights? Yes, from her early reign as Queen B at Constance, the producers and fashion stylists on the show made it their quest to seize every accessory opportunity at their hands, which included a rainbow collection of tights and statement jewelry pieces we’re sure Leighton still has to this day. However, since saying good-bye to the Upper East Side, Leighton now sports anything from skinny denim jeans, to checkered plaid flannel tops, to printed pencil skirts. It's comfort over the chastities of the class system in her world.

Hair and makeup:

Blondes may have more fun, but Leighton has proved over and over again that brunettes are oh, so sultry (and adorable)! Having stayed with a signature brown chocolate hue since her T.V debut, her rich-girl-next-door look and medium length mane – which she recently cut into a bob - is always perfectly styled either in loose mermaid waves, smooth curls or in a messy, cute updo. The real beauty risk for Leighton is her makeup, which drastically changes as much as her feelings for Chuck. Metallic smoky eyes, bright coral lipstick and dramatic cat eyes are only a few of the makeup trends we’ve seen on Leighton. But it isn’t all daring for the brunette beauty, who balances her bold approaches with fresh, low-maintenance looks in her down-time, wearing only her three essentials: a little blush, mascara and a Burt's Bees lip tint.

Notable Fashion Moment:

Every moment. Yes, every moment of Leighton Meester’s rise to acting stardom and fashion moments has been notable. Each and every one of them. But maybe with the exception of this one.

Her on trend and on-set fashion moment was her Oscar De La Renta rustic orange ruffle organza gown, which she wore while filming in Paris for Season 4 of the hit show, ultimately put her (and the show) in the lead for most fashionable television production – ever. Moving from script to the red carpet, Leighton’s Grecian-inspired Bottega Veneta white gown with flowing pleats and gathered waist, which she wore to the 2009 Emmys, finally made us realize Leighton Meester is not based on Blair Waldorf – Blair Waldorf is based on Leighton Meester.

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