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Gingham Style: Amanda Seyfried vs Miley Cyrus


W Magazine Cyrus-Gingham.jpg
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Oppa gingham style? Over a year may have passed since Psy tortured our ears with his repetitive K-pop hit, but while gangham may be out, it seems gingham is on the way in!

In a recent W magazine spread, onscreen stunner Amanda Seyfried strips to her underwear and shows off her enviable toned body. She dons a series of adorable two-pieces, some floral and some ruffled, but the set that caught my attention the most was a red and white gingham Louis Vuitton bikini. Teamed with a fluffy blue Michael Kors cardigan and red leather Lucchese cowboy boots, Seyfried seductively leans back in a chair, her sultry pout emphasized by a heavy flick of eyeliner to her cat-like eyes and a slick of bright red lipstick. But just a darn tootin’ minute… haven’t we seen a similar two piece worn by another young starlet…

It’s true, it’s true! Seyfriend’s gingham bikini and cowboy boots resembles none other than one of Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour costumes. Also rocking the red and white color palette, Cyrus has been sporting her Roberto Cavalli-designed showpieces for all her scandalous performances, often teaming the gingham number with a feather shrug, gold chains and a Chanel purse. It’s clearly another example of her “white trash and Chanel” style as her Cavalli high-waisted, thigh cut booty shorts show off her longs legs and butt cheeks. But who wore gingham bikinis and boos best? My money is on the ever elegant Amanda Seyfried, but feel free to judge for yourself by scanning the above pics!


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