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How to Wear the Tomboy Trend


Face it. No matter how feminine we ladies like to be, we are always drawn to the causal comfort and masculinity men clothing offers. Our desire to wear loose t-shirts, baggy jeans and motorcycle jackets may stem from a Freudian complex we all have inside but no matter how you look at it, dressing as a tomboy is easy and oddly stylish. Celebrities like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Fearne Cotton have all released their inner tomboy and wear this trend with ease. Now you too can stick it to the man with these easy androgynous style tips.

1. Camo and Combat Boots


No, you don’t have to join the army in order to wear these items – but you do need to have attitude like Barbadian beauty and singer Rihanna, who has no problem wearing baggy or tight camouflage pants. The singer keeps this strong look even stronger by usually pairing the masculine duo with a plain black tank top and sports a clean beauty look that consists of bold, darkened eyebrows and vibrant red lips.

2. Tuxedos

Nine West

We can thank Janelle Monae for inspiring women everywhere to take it one step further from just wearing blazers and try a tailored tuxedo on for size. The main style rule when it comes to wearing a tuxedo is to make sure it is fitted to your body. Finish off the look by pairing it with a pair of shiny black signature Oxfords and a bow tie - a tie one, not a clip on.

If you do want to fake something, then snap up this Nine West pearl and black crepe tuxedo jacket for $99.98, which looks very similar to this Stella McCartney creation that costs a whopping $1965!

3. V-Neck Sweaters


Skip the frilly blouses and go for a basic v-neck sweater with a collared shirt beneath. A popular wardrobe staple for fun loving and dancing machine daytime television host, Ellen DeGeneres, v-neck argyle sweats are a comfortable and simple choice (both style elements men follow) to complete a casual male-inspired outfit.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Calvin Klein

Jessica Alba mastered the art of wearing straight-cut men’s jeans. The difference between how the actress and style icon wears them compared to regular women's jeans is all in the fit and style. Men’s jeans are not supposed to be tight, flare or have fancy buttons or stitching details, they are supposed to be worn just how a man would wear them – relaxed with zero fuss.

5. Suspenders


Remember when the sole purpose of suspenders was to hold up men’s trousers? Well times have changed and now you can wear suspenders just for the sake of style (Got to love fashion, right?). Checkered, colored and plain old black are favorites of pop singer Gwen Stefani who has no doubts about wearing them with her unique and eccentric outfits.

6. The Motorcycle Jacket

Motel Rocks

Take cue from "Twilight's" leading lady Kristen Stewart and her undying love for edgy, quilted Balenciaga jackets on how to complete your look. The perennial tomboy is known for wearing the jacket in black, red or yellow, the actress pairs the biker style jacket with a loose white t-shirt, jeans and Converses for the perfect tomboy approved outfit.

7. Band Shirts

Amazon Marketplace

British radio and television host Fearne Cotton is making a name for herself in the fashion industry for her ability to wear vintage throwoffs, oversized everything and retro band shirts without looking like a slob. From iconic homages to British punk (like Siouxsie and the Banshees), to ironic political slogans, the blonde beauty usually wears her shirts loose (I’m talking about men sizes loose) and pairs them with a feminine but still edgy bottom like shorts or black skinny jeans. When buying a band shirt the only rule of thumb is that bigger sizes and distressed conditions are always better, so scour your local vintage stores or shop from the comfort of home for hand-me-downs.

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