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Celeb Transformations

For most stars, being in the spotlight means constantly switching up their look. See how these A-listers' signature styles have evolved — for better or worse — through the years.

Revenge Dressing the Selena Gomez Way
Is Selena Gomez dressing to spite her ex? All we know is there's something going on with girl as she sports a new wardrobe of skimpier and sexier clothing...

Check Out Audrina Patridge’s Amazing Mystique Transformation
Audrina Patridge attends Comic-Con and shows off her remarkable Mystique transformation...

Scarlett Johansson: Style Transformation
Early on in her career Scarlett Johansson was almost unrecognizable from the temptress we now know and, while you don’t have to take my word for it, here you can see the transformation with your own eyes…

Style Transformation: Amy Adams
As Amy Adams gears up for the 2014 Oscars with hopes for a Best Actress award for American Hustle, we're looking back on the ravishing redheads most memorable red carpet looks to date...

Justin Bieber: Style Transformation
He's been in the public eye for less than time than he spent in school, but already Justin Bieber is making a name for himself with his drastic style transformation.

Celebrity Transformation: Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Moretz is all grown up as we check out her style transformation from pint-sized star to leading lady...

Kristen Bell: Style Transformation
Having known her since hitting the big time as Neptune’s super-sleuthing teen, Veronica Mars, it almost feels like we’ve grown through adolescence with Kristen Bell. Just check out that very evolution as we look back on her style transformation to date…

The Style Evolution of Drew Barrymore
We're looking back on Drew Barrymore's style evolution, from loveable Gertie, to first class beauty

Emma Stone’s Style Transformation
Brimming with comedic charm and stunning as the face of Revlon, Emma Stone can do no wrong as we look at her style transformation to date...

The Ever-Changing Face of Kim Kardashian
Professional makeup contouring or cosmetic intervention, you be the judge of Kim Kardashian's changing face over the years...

Celebrity Transformation: Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley’s career is quickly becoming a whirlwind of opportunity and, with so many red carpet breaks on the horizon, it only makes sense that her style adapts to accommodate her A-lister status.

Style Transformation: Michelle Williams
A red carpet regular since her early days as Dawson's Creek's obligatory blonde bombshell, Michelle Williams has shifted from the small screen to the big and, as is Hollywood custom, also evolved her style to match her new A-lister status.

The Style Evolution of Destiny's Child
From the sewing machine of Mama Tina Knowles, to the gilded House of Dereon, we're looking back on the fashion evolution of Destiny's Child. Are you ready for this jelly?

Nicki Minaj's Endless Wig Parade
Outrageous, colorful and never alike, we're looking back on some of Nicki Minaj's most eccentric wigs, many of which have had shorter careers than most "American Idol" finalists...

Kristen Stewart: Style Transformation
In her child-actress years, Kristen Stewart was often mistaken for a boy (check out "Panic Room" for reference), but thankfully today, the starlet has evolved in her style as much as she's evolved in her career.

Celeb Tranformation: Cameron Diaz
Once known for dancing in her underwear on "Charlie's Angels," Cameron Diaz has since adopted more clothes and, in the process, found her fashion footing. Read all about her style transformtaion.

Celebrity Transformation: Mila Kunis
From teen hottie to grownup beauty, Mila Kunis has adopted many looks in her (surprisingly!) long career. See her style evolution through the years.

Selena Gomez: Style Transformation
The most adored teenage dream, Selena Gomez, hasn't always been the Bieber-magnet she is today. Once a fresh-faced Texas girl, Selena was thrust into the gloved hands of Mickey Mouse at an early age, and has since matured into a rare role model amongst child stars.

Celeb Transformation: Katy Perry
She wasn't always the sexy siren we know today as Katy Perry. Indeed, the singer (like all of us) struggled to define her signature style as she rose from aspiring singer to pinup-worthy pop princess.

Kate Middleton's Head-Turning Head-Toppers
If there's one thing Kate Middleton is famous for (well, besides being Prince William's lady love) it's those hats. Dramatic, sweeping, sculptural headpieces—they've become the future princess's trademark. Take a look back at some of her most attention-grabbing head-toppers throughout the years in our gallery of Kate Middleton photos.

Jason Alexander Gets New Hair; Nicole Richie Gets New Boobs
The 52-year-old actor gave a heads-up (har-har) to fans earlier this year, tweeting back in July, "I am experimenting with some interesting hair systems. Don't be shocked if you suddenly see pics of me with more hair than usual." Meanwhile, Nicole Richie, more famously known for her weight struggles throughout the years, filled out a feature of her own.

Natalie Portman Hair Transformation
She's been in the spotlight almost twenty years, and Natalie Portman's had enough hair styles to last a life time. Long, short, straight, curly and even bald, Natalie has tried them all. Here we trace our favorites through the years!

Brad Pitt Tansformation
Now Brad Pitt is one-half of the world's most fabulous couple, but before he became Brangelina, he was a rebel without a stylist. Take this trip down memory lane, and trust us, it isn't always pretty!

Jennifer Lopez's Style Transformation
Jennifer Lopez has gone from fly girl to fashion icon. Now she's a red carpet fixture and a bona fide super star! She even has her own fashion line -- Sweetface. But before she was a beloved fashionista, she needed a little help. Catch her transformation here!

Fab Fashions Abound at the Royal Wedding
It's official! Prince William and Kate Middleton—now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge—got hitched April 29. Her Alexander McQueen dress was the star of the festivities, of course, but that doesn't mean there was a lack of jaw-dropping fashion among the guests. Click through the gallery to see (and gawk at) the best and the worst of the...

Katie Holmes Transformation
Katie Holmes has gone from America's sweetheart to American style icon. Stay tuned to catch her stunning transformation and the amazing road she took along the way!

Nicole Kidman Transformation - From Frumpy to Fabulous
Nicole Kidman has won an Oscar, Golden Globes and become a fashion icon along the way. No longer is she just another red carpet pretty face, but a force on the style scene. Check out Nicole's trip along the way!

Nicole Richie Transformation
Nicole Richie has been in the spotlight pretty much her entire life, and she's finally coming into her stylish own. She's gone through her punk-rock phase, experimenting with her hair and now her glamorous style. Check out her transformation with us!

Spice Girls Transformation
The Spice Girls burst on the scene with songs about girl power and loads of sparkly clothes. Now they're back with a reunion tour and a wardrobe by mega-designer Roberto Cavalli! Let's take a trip down memory lane.

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