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The Style Evolution of Destiny's Child


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The Style Evolution of Destiny's Child
Members of the pop music group Destiny's Child (L to R) Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles
Mario Tama/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment

Ever since Beyoncé's announcement that Destiny's Child was reuniting to, not only shake their bootyliciousness all over the Super Bowl, but release their first album since 2004's "Destiny Fulfilled," I've been counting down the days and "Jumpin', Jumpin'" with excitement.

Now, in honor of their forthcoming album "Love Songs," and their new single "Nuclear," let's take a look back at the fashion evolution of Destiny's Child, which has faced an uphill climb from the sewing machine of Mama Tina Knowles to the gilded House of Dereon. Are you ready for this jelly?

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