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Mary Kate Olsen and Whoopi Goldberg Share Shoes!


What do Mary Kate Olsen and Whoopi Goldberg have in common? They both love Stubbs & Wooten comfy slippers! From black tie to denim, these classic slippers go with anything, adding a modern edge. No wonder these two very different ladies love 'em!

Mary Kate's Are Edgy

Photo © Stubbs & Wooten
We're used to seeing tiny Mary Kate in sky-high heels -- think Christian Louboutin and Lanvin, but she picked up these $350 velvet babies at the Stubbs & Wooten store in New York City. We guess even fashion-forward Mary Kate wants to be comfortable. But that's the beauty of these soft slippers. With leather trim and an embroidered skull, Stubbs & Wooten mixes comfort and style. Who said you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Not Mary Kate!

Whoopi's Arty Choice

Photo © Stubbs & Wooten
We're not about to call Whoopi Goldberg a style icon, but there must be something stylish about this funny lady. These $350 crescent cuties would look adorable with jeans, a long skirt or even a tailored suit. Their needle point design is a mixture of grandma-meets-Native-American and we love them. The black leather trim adds just the right amount of contrast to give them a modern kick. Say buh-bye to boring shoes!
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