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Katherine Heigl's Look For Less


Katherine Heigl's look is casual, comfy and stylish yet still over our budget. But that doesn't mean we can't get a similar look at a more affordable price. Here we pick out our favorites to copy Katherine's fashionable ensemble.

Katherine's Original Outfit

Photo © Krupp Group
For running errands or relaxing with friends, Katherine's outfit is perfect -- except for the price tag. Her $600 Inhabit cashmere sweater is a great alternative to a jacket in cooler weather. It's oversized for layering and has two front pockets for storing keys, a cellphone and even lip gloss. There's nothing more comfortable to run around in than Katherine's $195 Tory Burch ballet flats. And her large Chanel handbag can hold anything and everything you need when leaving the house.

Gap Shawl-Collar Cardi, $59.50

Photo © GAP
Hello comfort! We can't wait to snuggle in this extra-long cardi. It has the same two front pockets and exaggerated collar that Katherine's cardigan does, but it's machine washable! That's just priceless to us!

Delia's Flats, $19.99

Photo © Delia's
Wow! These look just like Katherine's -- except for the price. With an elastic back, you can say buh-by to blisters! These flats will adjust to your size. Plus, the rubber sole creates a more solid non-skid surface.
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