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Who Did It Best: Debi vs. Rihanna


They have money, talent and all the perks of being famous, but that doesn't protect them from the most horrible of fashion faux-pas -- wearing the same dress as someone else! Even out and about stars aren't immune to this outfit oops! Who does it best here between TV's Debi Matenopolous and singing sensation Rihanna in this bold Ali Ro shift!

Rihanna looks casual

Photo © CI Visions
Even out on the town Rihanna looks cool, calm and collected. In sunglasses and gladiator sandals, Rihanna lets this patterned dress stand on its own. She knows too much of a good thing is, well, too much! If she added crazy shoes or multiple accessories Rihanna the look would too overwhelming. The bold design on the dress is enough to make this dress eye-catching, it doesn't need any help!

Debi is all smiles

Photo © CI Visions
Debi, too, doesn't do anything that would distract from the dress' bold look. But unlike Rihanna's long and lean shape, the dress makes Debi look a little too broad for our liking. Debi needs a dress that will make her look more slender than boxy and this Ali Ro dress just doesn't do it. But Debi's golden tan against the white trim does pump up the look. It's a hard choice!
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