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Celebrity Style: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Celebrity Prom Photos Before They Were Famous
Being famous has it’s perks, but with rising popularity also comes the possibility of your embarrassing prom photos being plastered across the internet.
Miley Cyrus: Her Best of Both World’s...
Miley Cyrus is one of the latest and most memorable stars to mature from fresh-faced Disney princess, to scandalous sex-fuelled rock star. Is this what it really means to have the best of both worlds?
Style Transformation: Scarlett Johansson
Early on in her career Scarlett Johansson was almost unrecognizable from the temptress we now know and, while you don’t have to take my word for it, here you can see the transformation with your own eyes…
The Ever-Changing Face of Kim Kardashian
Professional makeup contouring or cosmetic intervention, you be the judge of Kim Kardashian's changing face over the years...
Miley Cyrus: Style Profile
Mid-riff baring tops, spiked hair and booty shorts are her tools of choice, while Miley flaunts her new clothing, music and attitude at every given opportunity. Maybe we can call it punk rock chic, but when we look more closely at this popstars style profile, we quickly realize that, hey, she's just being Miley...
Style Spotlight: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence , now affectionately known as J-Law, is undeniably the "it" girl in Hollywood right
Top 10 Celebrity Bridal Looks
From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, dramatic princess ballgowns to simple silk sheaths, we've rounded up 10 of the most iconic celebrity wedding looks.
13 Ways Celebrities Wear Plaid
If there’s one print or pattern that defines fall more than any other, it’s plaid. The tartan texture has seen something of a recent resurgence thanks to our nostalgic obsession with all things ‘90s grunge, but those stylish Hollywood folk are also to blame for sending plaid sales soaring.
The New Breed of Celebrity Lifestyle Gurus
Celebrities these days just can’t seem to get enough of telling us how to live our lives. Just check out the many stars who are in the process of launching, or have already launched, their own mini-lifestyle empires on the World Wide Web…
Stars in Need of a 2014 Makeover
Whether they’ve have shown off one too many side boobs, or caused uproar over their “white trash and Chanel” style, here are just a few celebs in need of a new year makeover…
Revenge Dressing the Selena Gomez Way
Is Selena Gomez dressing to spite her ex? All we know is there's something going on with girl as she sports a new wardrobe of skimpier and sexier clothing...
Pippa Middleton: Style Icon or Overrated Idol?
For the past year, the media and public have been obsessed with all things Pippa, ever since her butt wore white and overshadowed Kate Middleon on her big day. But is Pippa a style icon or overrated idol? Flip through this Pippa-centric gallery and pass the requisite judgement. . .
The Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts of 2014
Heat styling, coloring, excessive product can all wreak havoc on your tresses, but thankfully these celebs are proving why the pixie is the one cut to cure all.
Sandra Bullock Reveals Her Beauty and Style...
Sandra Bullock spills on some of her best beauty and fashion secrets...
Trend Alert: Rainbow Box Clutches
Red and yellow and pink and green, just check out some of the vibrant hues recently spotted on the arms of the Hollywood A-list…
Jennifer Lawrence Makes Everything Alright in...
For her first public engagement since THAT photo hacking scandal, Jennifer Lawrence put on a big smile for the cameras, which she teamed with three exquisitely styled ensembles.
Natatlie Portman Hair Transformations
She's been in the spotlight almost twenty years, and Natalie Portman's had enough hair styles to last a life time. Long, short, straight, curly and even bald, Natalie has tried them all. Here we trace our favorites through the years!
Style Transformation: Emma Stone
Brimming with comedic charm and stunning as the face of Revlon, Emma Stone can do no wrong as we look at her style transformation to date...
See Every Single One of Taylor Swift's New York...
From her jaunty hats to those endless Oxford shoes, here you can check out every single one of Taylor Swift's ensembles as she runs around the Big Apple looking pretty in the city…
Hollywood's New Crop: The Best Short Hairstyles
Most actresses are known for their impossibly long, shiny locks. But these stars, including Vanessa Hudgens, proudly sport refreshingly short and sexy hair.
Celebrity Bangs for Every Face
Going for the chop can be a daring move, but check out these celebs for inspiration on how to pull off some bangin' bangs for every shape face.
Reese Witherspoon's Then and Now Style...
Look back on the quintessential Southern sweetheart's transformation in this gallery of Reese Witherspoon's greatest then and now moments...
Ombre Hair: The Bad and the Beautiful
Of those who opt to take the color plunge, some come out victorious while others, well, just see for yourself as we present the good, the bad and the questionable ombre styles of Hollywood's leading ladies.
Barefaced Tweets
It's rare that we get to see celebs without a full face, but when we do, man is it a glorious thing! Check out these twitpics to see all your favorite stars flaunting an au naturel face.
The Style Evolution of Drew Barrymore
We're looking back on Drew Barrymore's style evolution, from loveable Gertie, to first class beauty…
Make Your Own Salt Spray For Sexy Sunkissed Hair
Raid your kitchen cupboard for beach curls on a budget...
Jeepers Creepers! Throwback Celebrity Halloween...
It’s always fun playing dress-up and, if you’re looking for a little seasonal inspiration, you might want to check out these throwback celebrity Halloween costumes…
Stars in Sweaters: The Good, the Bad and the...
Everybody has a hideous sweater lurking at the back of their closet. Even celebrities. Flip through the gallery to see who gets winter warms right and who send a shiver down our spine. . .
They're so Vain: Hollywood's Metrosexual Men
Call them metrosexuals if you will, but there are some Hollywood dudes who primp and preen their famous faces beyond mansome... Page 7.
Vanity Fair Snaps Celebrities Without Makeup
Chuck Close and Vanity Fair present portraits of Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslett and other celebrities wihtout makeup.
So, you want to dress like Taylor Swift this...
It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has exquisite personal style and is always one of the top celebrities
Justin Bieber: Style Transformation
He's been in the public eye for less time than he spent in school, but already Justin Bieber is making a name for himself with his drastic style transformation.
Sheer Genius: See How The Stars Wear See-Throug...
The stars are taking see-through clothing to the sheer extreme! See how your favorite celeb is wearing this transparent trend.
Celebs Pick: My Favorite Beauty Product
Maybelline or mineral salts from the Dead Sea? The checkout counter or the cosmetic counter? Whether they go high or low, these 10 stars reveal that one beauty product they can't live without. Page 9.
TIFF 2013: Red Carpet Roundup
Check out the best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival...
Celebrity Hair Trend: Grey is the New Black
Forget growing old gracefully, when it comes to hair color these celebs are growing old stylishly by embracing grey as the new black...
Trendsetters Try Their Hands at Gloved Sleeves
Kim Kardashian isn't the only celeb to have tried her hand at the gloved sleeve trend as you'll see from this gallery...
Style Transformation: Michelle Williams
A red carpet regular since her early days as Dawson's Creek's obligatory blonde bombshell, Michelle Williams has shifted from the small screen to the big and, as is Hollywood custom, also evolved her style to match her new A-lister status.
Solange Knowles Breaks All Wedding Rules in...
Solange Knowles shows off jumpsuits, capes and floaty chiffon with three contemporary bridal looks as she ties the knot in New Orleans.
The Best and Worst of the TIFF 2014 Red Carpets
The very best (and very worst) red carpet looks of the 2014 Toronto Film Festival
Get the Look: Katy Perry's 3D Flower Power Nails
Katy Perry, the ever-changing Queen of beauty extremes, is never afraid of going bold with her talons.
Kate Middleton's Head-Turning Head-Toppers
If there's one thing Kate Middleton is famous for (well, besides being Prince William's lady love) it's those hats. Dramatic, sweeping, sculptural headpieces—they've become the future princess's trademark. Take a look back at some of her most attention-grabbing head-toppers throughout the years in our gallery of Kate Middleton photos. Page 11.
Style Spotlight: Vanessa Hudgens
Much like Vanessa’s career, her sense of fashion is always changing, whether it be from sophisticated glamour to hippy wild child...
Persons of Pinterest: The Most Stylish...
The carefully curated Pinterest board is where these celebrity pinners like to keep all their fashion and style inspiration.
Super Smile, 1994
She's been in the spotlight almost twenty years, and Natalie Portman's had enough hair styles to last a life time. Long, short, straight, curly and even bald, Natalie has tried them all. Here we trace our favorites through the years!
Star Ink: The Most Famous Celebrity Tattoos
Whether you think getting inked is for hairy bikers and bar room brawlers, or believe tattoos are the coolest of all accessories, there’s no shortage of neat artwork to be found among the residents of Hollywood...
Designer to the Stars: Nicole Chavez
Stylist to the stars Nicole Chavez shares the scoop of how she got started styling some of Hollywood's hottest young stars. Plus, what every girls needs to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Time to get our fashion on!
Ariande Grande’s Preppy Look for Less
Araiana Grande's preppy ensemble is sure to score you an A+ grade when you steal her look for less!
Q&A: Christian Louboutin's Red Hot Heels Step...
Easily regarded as the most famous shoe designer in the world thanks to his signature splash of red coloring the soles of his famed footwear creations, I caught up with Christian Louboutin to talk stars, showgirls and yet more shoes...
Look Book: Kate Middleton's North American Style
Style highlights of Duchess Catherine's North American tour? A flowy, red-carpet-worthy Alexander McQueen, a 10-gallon cowboy hat and, of course, her trademark fascinator. Page 15.
The Best and Worst of November 2013 Fashion
Who looked smoking hot and who flickered like faulty Christmas lights? Flip through the gallery of the best and worst November fashions to find out!
Baby Got Back: The Reverse Necklace Trend
Celebs like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence are opting to wear their bling backwards and here's how you can mimic the look.
Fashion Flashback: Vintage Photos of Celebs in...
Brigitte Bardot relaxes in the back of a limousine upon her arrival at London's Heathrow Airport in December 1968. Page 3.
The Interstellar Premiere Was Out Of This World...
The premiere of Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated Interstellar was out of this world thanks to stars Anne Hathaway, Camilla Alves and Jessica Chastain.
Trending: Jumpsuits
Versatile, fun and casual, jumpsuits are a great red carpet alternative. But not all celebs can wear a one-piece without looking like a circus act.
Spring 2014 Trends to Try Now
Presenting the hottest trends of srping 2014, these must-try-now fashions have already been embraced by celebrities. Care to join them?
Interview: Kerry Washington Talks Domestic...
Scandal star Kerry Washington talks to About Celebrity Style about designing a limited-edition Purple Purse to raise awareness on domestic violence and financial abuse against women.
The Stylish Women of Mad Men
Zou Bisou Bisou segment. That’s all you really have to say to sum up Megan Draper ’s fashion. The new
Maxi Skirts - Celebs Get in on the Maxi Skirt...
It may be the hottest trend for colder weather, but that doesn't mean every A-lister nails the maxi skirt trend. Click to see which stars got it right and which got it very, very wrong.
Hollywood's Most Stylish Moms
Hot momma! These stars may be parents, but they still make sure to put style before their strollers. Page 2.
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