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Which Celebrity Facial Is Right For You?

By Anne Fritz


Which Celebrity Facial Is Right For You?

Inside the Christine Chin Spa, New York, NY

Photo © Anne Fritz
1. The No-Nonsense Type
The Spa:
Christine Chin
82 Orchard Street
New York, NY
212-353-0503 Christine Chin

Celeb Following: Giselle Bundchen, Hillary Swank, Rachel Wiesz, Winona Ryder, Carmen Kass, Gretchen Mol, Penelope Cruz, Padma Lakshmi, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Kimora Lee Simmons

Attitude: They don’t call Christine the “Queen of Mean” for nothing. She and her team members do a thorough, and we do mean thorough, job of cleaning your pores. But it does come with a bit of pain.

Décor: Situated in no-man’s land in New York City’s lower east side, the spa is a bit of a challenge to get to via public transportation. Once you arrive, it’s a clean, fresh bright environment that is Feng Shui’d with an orange tree in what we’re guessing is the money corner. It’s part of Feng shui. There’s a spot in the home that represents money, love and health. It’s good luck to have a fruit tree in your money corner. We particularly loved Christine’s dog, Bebe, a little terrier, who naps on the front desk.

The treatment rooms themselves are soothing, with lots of dark wood and grays.

Service: Glow Facial with add on Green Tea Mask

Cost: $160

The Treatment: “Oh, your pores are so clogged! Your skin is so dry!” said Katrina, our aesthetician, as she examined our face under a magnifying glass. “You have so many blackheads!” For proof, she had us run our fingers along our nose so we could feel them ourselves. She encouraged us to try a microdermabrasion treatment, but we said no because of the cost. She spent what felt like an eternity squeezing blackheads out of our face. She was amazingly thorough and spent time on normally overlooked parts like our jaw line and hairline. We opted for an additional green tea mask, which our aesthetician recommended for its healing and soothing powers—much needed after the extractions!

The Result: Our skin had never been cleaner. We had a minor breakout the next day, but our skin looked fresh and glowing for at least a week.

Must-have signature products: Oil-free Hydrating Lotion, Herbal Blemish Gel,

If you can’t get to the spa, Christine recommends: Olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion & Peel System ($25) and Elizabeth Arden Matte Moisture Lotion ($34).
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